About Dnyanjyoti

                  DNYANJYOTI EDUCATION, Pune was founded by Dr.Vishal Bhedurkar (Account and Finance officer, Govt. of Maharashtra). Director himself has achieved success in the field of competitive exams. His aim is to make a substantial difference in society through the field of education. 

                     The Academy has become a renowned and well-established name in the arena of coaching for Civil Services Examinations: UPSC and MPSC. During more than the last ten years since its commencement, it has carved out a niche for itself as a reliable, student-centric, and result-oriented institute in the field of civil services coaching, be it state level or central level. 

                  The very fact that in such a short span, more than 500 students from the DNYANJYOTI EDUCATION have achieved spectacular success in UPSC/MPSC speaks volumes for itself. 

                   However, it is pertinent to note at this juncture that the DNYANJYOTI EDUCATION is not just ‘another UPSC/MPSC coaching class’ solely aimed at commercial interests. In fact, it is not a commercially driven institute, but a movement with a much broader and deeper vision and commitment toward an egalitarian and truly democratic polity and society.

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